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5 Reasons You Need to Go Where The Love Is

Updated: Feb 2

Because you need to be an active participant in your life.

This one is simple. No one is going to care about something you don't take interest in. Show up for you!

Because the next generation needs it.

You are not your parents, you can be better, do differently, create better opportunities and set better examples. While we may all not not come from broken homes or sad situations, no parent is perfect. They had to figure it out as it was happening so there is a built-in margin of error. On the other hand, you don't have to replicate everything they did, exactly as it happened. You get to change it. Wished for more communication? Wanted a parent who listened more? Hoped for a friend? A safer environment? Someone who wasn't afraid to admit when they were wrong? Then be those things. Each day that you're breathing is an opportunity to change the outcome. Don't waste it.

Because you can’t change the past.

The beautiful thing about the past is that happened already.

Because outcomes will never change if you keep doing the same thing

Stop complaining if you’re not willing to speak up or put the work in on the past is like reading the same book over and over expecting a different ending. Acknowlege what was and use it as a reference point for going forward; what to do, where to improve, and what to avoid. Own your stuff and grow from it because better is waiting.

Because you deserve better.

Regardless of what people have told you, or what you’ve told yourself. what you’ve seen or heard, or felt, or experienced. You are not exempt from the good things God has for you. Many times we are what’s keeping us back. School, New Job, Cleaner home, more respect, more self confident

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